Port Travels Around The World


From Bangladesh in the north wing of the Port Washington Public Library to Australia at the Landmark on Main Street, residents had the opportunity to explore global cultures during the World Festival on April 15. Sponsored by the Friends of the Library and Landmark on Main Street, visitors met with representatives from 35 different countries and were able to play games, make crafts and taste food from each of the countries. Children were also able to bring their World Festival passport to every country and receive a flag sticker souvenir.

“As I was walking through the building and getting the most wonderful vibe in here, that in this chaotic world, it’s nice to celebrate the things that bind us—the love of family, friends, cultural traditions, literature, art, fashion and, of course, all of our love of food,” said Port Washington Public Library Director Nancy Curtin. “This is a day where we throw off our cares and feel joy.”

Throughout the day, residents were able to explore the middle east where kids made origami in Iran, Latin America where paper Dia de los Muertos masks were made in Mexico, Asia where children and adults alike enjoyed a sushi making demonstration and challenge in Japan and Europe where kids made evil-eye bracelets. Performances included the Latin American stylings of Mambo Loco, the Korean Fan Dance, Bollywood Dancing group Mousumi Baidya, a Japanese Karate demonstration and American pop songs by Back To Rock bands.


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