Overwhelming Hypocrisy


Comments refer to a previous letter to the editor by Warren Goldberg.

I agree with Mr. Goldberg that the protest marches by those who voted for Hillary Clinton was not appropriate. You are right in writing that the Republican supporters did not protest or march against the election of Mr. Obama in 2008 or 2012.

Furthermore, I concur with Mr. Goldberg’s statement “like it or not, Obama will be the new president. Let’s give him a chance to lead and hopefully to do good.” Unfortunately, while Mr. Goldberg may have had that reaction at that time, the Republican party certainly did not.

The day after President Obama’s victory, Rush Limbaugh called upon the Republican party to do everything they could to prevent any legislation by President Obama from getting passed, and the lapdogs sitting in the House and Senate followed the alpha dog’s request. And for eight years the Republican party sat on their hands and did nothing. They didn’t search for compromise and did not even put legislation of their own on the president’s desk. They didn’t let him lead and they certainly didn’t hope that he did good. The only way he could govern was through parliamentary moves and executive orders which the Republicans protested.

What the Republicans did was far more devastating to our democracy than a bunch of college students protesting the election results. Your hypocrisy is overwhelming.

—Howard Berliner