Operation Plushies Without Borders At Guggenheim Elementary School


After the devastating earthquake in Turkiye and Syria, Guggenheim’s school counselor, Arzu Alkan, was in contact with the Turkish consulate and noticed that although their relief collection included items that were desperately needed, such as monetary donations, food, water, clothing and socks, there was nothing to address the needs of the children’s emotional state at that time.

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In the hopes of sending love to the children overseas, Guggenheim Elementary School organized “Operation Plushies without Borders” to collect stuffed animals throughout the month of February. The students collected hundreds of plush animals, which were then arranged to be sent to children overseas.

This was an organic experience for Guggenheim students to learn the value of social awareness and responsibility, the power of coming together for a good cause, and the positive impact they can have on others, no matter how far they may live and how young they may be. They brightened up such an unimaginably dark time for other children with their innocence and willingness to do something meaningful.

—Submitted by the Port Washington
Public School District