Online Parking System Delayed


The Town of North Hempstead has granted a grace period until June 30 for Port Parking District residents to get their online parking permits. North Hempstead Town Supervisor Judi Bosworth, Councilwoman Dina De Giorgio and the town board announced that there will be a grace period for acquiring the new Port Washington parking permit through June 30 to allow for the integration of the new system. This grace period only applies to residents with a valid 2015-16 permit. Unused daily vouchers can still be used before and after June 30 but the residents will be required to pay the new rate by placing two daily vouchers in their windshields.Port Washington News

Residents must register with the online system. With the new system, residents must scan personal information including their driver’s license. Some residents have voiced concern about the security of the system. Sam Glasser, Port resident of 43 years, is concerned about the security of the information being scanned (see Glasser’s letter on this topic on page 2A).

Councilwoman De Giorgio said, “It was very disappointing that the rollout of the new technology and website did not go as smoothly as the parking district had planned. However, once the issues became apparent, I advocated for and passed a 30-day grace period extending existing permits to June 30. This should allow all commuters sufficient time to successfully register under the new system. I’m committed to making sure that the parking district accomplishes its original goal of hassle-free, online enrollment for all commuters.” To learn how to register, go to



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