Officials Run Uncontested For Reelection


Three Port Washington villages—the Incorporated Village of Baxter Estates, the Incorporated Village of Port Washington North and the Incorporated Village of Flower Hill—have officials running uncontested for reelection on March 20.

In the Baxter Estates, Trustees Douglas Baldwin and Alice M. Pecklis are running uncontested for reelection. In Port Washington North Trustees Steven Cohen and Michael Malatino and Village Justice Sheldon Greenbaum are running unopposed for reelection. In Flower Hill, Mayor Robert McNamara along with Trustees Randall Rosenbaum, Gary Lewandowski and Kate Hirsch are running unopposed for reelection.

“I’m really enjoying being the mayor with a great board of trustees,’ said McNamara. “Being the mayor, you have to be in job a few years to get momentum with big projects because they don’t move as quickly as you want them to. I’ve been negotiating with the department of transportation to buy Middle Neck Road through a municipality agreement.”

Along with the potential purchase of Middle Neck Road by St. Francis Hospital, McNamara hopes to work with St. Francis Hospital to fix the traffic problems in front of the hospital for the safety of residents. McNamara also hopes to continue working on the beautification of the village, having added a new architect to the Architectural Review Board to help maintain the beauty of the village with its abundant new construction.

“What I’d really like to do is continue what I’ve been doing as mayor,” said McNamara. “The Flower Hill park is complete. I will continue beautification and maintain the 18 islands with the plants throughout the village. I want to maintain the beauty of the village.”

The elections will be held at their respective village halls from 12 to 9 p.m.

  • Baxter Estates village hall is located at 315 Main St., Port Washington.
  • Port Washington North Village Hall is located at 3 Pleasant Ave., Port Washington. Enter on Channel Drive.
  • Flower Hill Village Hall is located at 1 Bonnie Heights Rd., Manhasset.


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