North Hempstead Beach Unfriendly To Disabilities


My family and I just returned from what could have been a delightful afternoon at the Greek-fest held in the large parking lot of the derelict North Hempstead Beach Park. Unfortunately, for my wheelchair-bound son, the many other people with disabilities who I saw there and mothers pushing strollers, the ability to enjoy this event was hampered if not made impossible by the raised islands separating the sections of the parking lot which did not have any curb cuts to allow passage. There were also no apparent curb cuts from the parking lot, in general, to the waterfront promenade.

This is not a new problem; it has existed for many years for this event and all other events, feasts and festivals held at that venue. The fault here lies with the Town for North Hempstead which rents out or otherwise allows the use of this area with no regard to people with disabilities and probably in violation of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). I am now speaking up for this community which, unfortunately, appears to have been silent until now. Perhaps a lawsuit in federal court under the ADA is in order. Let the town be on notice.

—Donald S. Hecht


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