Night of 1,000 Strings


Night of 1,000 Strings at the LIU Post Tilles Center for the Performing Arts in Brookville was
a great success. More than 300 orchestra students in grades four through twelve performed at the show and had the opportunity to display their remarkable musical talents.Strings_031815A

Jeanine DiLillo, parent of a Weber eight grader, was very impressed with the performance.

“The acoustics at Tilles were very good,” said DiLillo. “It was impressive to see the kids play on
a big stage.”

The high school, middle school and elementary students played with their grades. At the end of the show, all the students from all grades played a beautiful rendition of “Danny Boy.”

The program was made possible in part by the Arts Education Program at LIU Post Tilles Center for the Performing Arts, and was sponsored by
the district’s creative arts department. The performance was cosponsored with a generous grant from Helping Enrich the Arts in Port Washington (HEARTS), a nonprofit organization that supports and promotes the arts in Port Washington and its public schools.



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