New Theater School In Town


Shining Studios will open its doors for local thespians in August. The Long Island-based theater organization will offer classes in film acting, singing, dancing, and musical theater to children of all ages. A special summer camp workshop will be held from August 17 to 21 at the Archangel Michael Church in Port Washington, and Shining Studios’ first official semester will begin on September 21. Course offerings will include musical theater instruction and film acting for children ages 4 to 18.ShiningStudios_072915A

Founder of Shining Studios Kyle Savage has been involved in the arts since he was five years old. “It has always been a dream of mine to own my own school,” he said. Although Savage lives in Suffolk County, he previously worked in Great Neck, at the Gold Coast Arts Center, and is still in touch with many former students from Great Neck, Manhasset and Port Washington. He chose to open in Port Washington “by popular demand,” he said, adding that “there is nothing geared toward acting for young children on the North Shore.” His classes will be offered, beginning in September, at two sites, in Port Washington and also in Amityville.

The summer workshop, to be held in Port beginning on August 17, will include acting, singing and dance, as well as getting professional headshots done, guest speakers from New York City and a specialized film workshop from Laurie Ann Davis, author of Finally…Monologues that Work! The workshop is open for children from ages 8 to 12 and will run from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m.

Shining Studios will hold a grand opening fundraising event on Sunday, August 16 at Governor’s Comedy Club in Levittown. The event, which will begin at 7 p.m., will include comics Chris Monty, Tim Gage, Joe Currie and Matt Burke. Tickets are $20 and all of the proceeds will go towards helping to sponsor children at Shining Studios who cannot afford classes.

“We are excited to share our love for theatre with the next generation of young artists; Shining [Studios] is going to make a difference in so many children’s lives,” Savage said. “The staff at Shining Studios aspires to share their knowledge of theatre and performing arts with children who are eager to discover and perfect their talents.” For more information about workshops, classes and the August 16 fundraiser, visit or call 631-334-9611.



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