New Candidacy In Election


ManorhavenAnother slate of candidates has announced its intention to run in the upcoming Manorhaven election in June. With less than three weeks remaining until the May 13 filing deadline, the relatively unknown political novices may be at a distinct disadvantage.

Meanwhile, Mayor Giovanna Giunta is declining to say whether she will seek a second term. Giunta took a lot of heat this year over a report by NYS Comptroller Thomas DiNapoli that Manorhaven was fiscally strained. She is also the subject of a barrage of criticism from mayoral candidate Jim Avena, who feels she has mismanaged Manorhaven during her two years in office. Giunta has defended herself against the accusations.

The new entrant is John O’Reilley, who announced his candidacy for mayor to the Port News last week. “We want to bring a more civil tone to the debate,” O’Reilley said. “We are not going to be slinging mud. We just want a better government in Manorhaven.” O’Reilley is running on the People’s Party line.

O’Reilley said he wasn’t ready to address specific issues. He and his running mates, John Popoleski and John Davis, are challengers for the two trustee positions that are up for election and are currently busy obtaining signatures on election petitions.

O’Reilly has been a resident of Manorhaven since 1975 and is a 1976 graduate of Schreiber High School. He is an electrician.

His running mate, John Popoleski, has lived in Manorhaven for 15 years and works for the Port Washington Water District. Known around town as Johnny Pop, he is also a volunteer with Atlantic Hook and Ladder Company.

John Davis, the third member of the ticket, is also a Manorhaven resident.

Although it remains to be seen what O’Reilley will offer in terms of substantive issues, he may be able to tap into a reservoir of public discomfort with the generally negative tone of Manorhaven politics with challenger Avena of the Residents Party and Giunta—if she runs—sparring about process and financial management at almost every board meeting.

Avena had no comment on O’Reilley’s candidacy.

Although it has been generally assumed that Giunta would stand for re-election on the Revival ticket, when asked this week if she was running, she had “no comment at the present time.”