New And Old At Brooklyn Reclaimed


Brooklyn Reclaimed, located on 101 Manorhaven Blvd., is owned by Henry Gimenez, who crafts beautiful and functional works of art from natural wood, such as wood mantels, beams and white oak flooring, as well as Hemlock shelves and solid wood tables. These pieces are designed for homes and businesses.Brooklyn030916A

Brooklyn Reclaimed has completed work for a beautiful lobby in Chicago, restaurants, Evergreen Hair Salon in Port Washington and many homes in the area as well. The wood for these extraordinary pieces is collected from beaches and barns from Gettysburg, PA, to Ohio and South Carolina.

Gimenez’s partner, Andrew Marmuscak, is Amish and retrieves much of the authentic wood from Amish barns. Original furnishings, such as a butcher block and a wooden workbench from 1901, are on display. Brooklyn Reclaimed incorporates accent and dividing walls made of solid wood into the design of residential and commercial settings. As Henry puts it, “Accent walls are timeless and timeless is my model.”

On site there is a beautiful bar made from solid wood, as well as a novel towel rack made from part of a barn door with the original handle.Brooklyn030916B Brooklyn030916C

Brooklyn Reclaimed sells “squared pieces” wholesale to Long Island Paneling. These squared pieces are prepared in a way that makes it easy for clients to complete their own installation.

Organic is essential for Gimenez. Formaldehyde and other chemicals are not used at all and the company is Green Seal Certified. Everything is authentic and American made. Their wood is aged, seasoned and kiln-dried.

Gimenez’s true love for what he terms as “space planning,” really began at the age of seven when he was “constantly re-doing his room,” he said. Gimenez painted, rearranged furniture and cultivated the passion and knowledge he now has and shares with others.

According to Gimenez, one can be artistic in many ways. He is artistic through sculpture, wood and design. His business is “solution-oriented and practical,” he said. Gimenez sums it up as “functional design.”
He thinks about people who have spent thousands of dollars on Brooklyn030916D
renovations that just don’t work and finds alternate solutions. Most importantly, Gimenez loves what he has been doing at Brooklyn Reclaimed since its inception in 2000, when he decided to leave the newspaper business and follow his passion. Many of his clients are from Port Washington and, he, too, lives
in Port with his family not far from his showroom.

To make an appointment to meet with Gimenez at Brooklyn Reclaimed, call 917-573-7524. Brooklyn Reclaimed is located at 101 Manorhaven Blvd.




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