Nassau Youth Services Agencies Get $560k In New Federal Funding


Port Washington’s Parent Resource Center to receive additional funding
On Monday, Jan. 23, the Nassau County Legislature voted unanimously to allocate more than $560,000 in federal American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) funding to Nassau County’s Department of Youth Services. The Department of Youth Services will distribute funds to an array of not-for-profit health and social service agencies that serve Nassau families and children.

Painting artwork inspired by national
landmarks. (Photos from the Parent
Resource Center’s Facebook)

Organizations throughout Nassau County are slated to receive additional funding through this initiative, including the Holocaust Memorial and Tolerance Center in Glen Cove and the Port Washington Parent Resource Center (PRC).

The Port Washington PRC can be described as a modern-day community center where young families and children can come to learn, grow and make meaningful friendships. PRC has been in Port Washington for more than four decades and has helped strengthen our community. The center offers various classes involving music, art, and preschool readiness programs.

“We are thrilled to be a part of this,” said PRC Executive Director Nicole Asselta. “We are looking forward to those funds and what we can do about them.”

PRC plans to use the funding to work on various goals for its outreach program. The program services families facing financial challenges by providing developmentally appropriate early-childhood classes and enriching experiences to eligible families and their children. The program gives families opportunities to deepen bonds with their children and connect with one another.

“The money that we receive will go towards expanding our scholarship program and therefore creating more quality programming, including more afterschool enrichment and weekend classes for working parents,” said Asselta.

The PRC scholarships are for the center’s community classes during the week, such as music classes, art enrichment and developmental play classes. Children can get scholarships to attend those classes for free and participate in various courses.

“It would allow us to continue hiring experienced professionals to teach, purchasing of educational supplies for the classroom and renting space if needed to hold expanded programs,” said Asselta.

Nassau County Legislator Delia DeRiggi-Whitton (District 11) is happy to help secure these funds for the organizations in her district, such as the Port Washington Parent Resource Center.

“So many not-for-profit organizations are still struggling to get fully back to normal after the disruptions that were caused by COVID-19,” Legislator DeRiggi-Whitton said. “I thank my colleagues in the legislature for voting to deliver much-needed support for ongoing and new programs that enrich the lives of our children and their families on a daily basis.”

Asselta told the Port Washington News that while the PRC isn’t struggling from COVID-19 repercussions, the families are. “As far as our operational capacity, we’re very lucky people came back, and we were able to open and open well,” said Asselta.

“For us, getting back to normalcy is more seen for children that missed educational and socialization opportunities,” said Asselta. “I would say that’s more of where we’re trying to get back to normal, to offer sort of a bridge for kids that may have missed out.”

Many toddlers and babies that experienced the COVID-19 shutdown missed out on typical social and educational developments. Parents are working hard to ensure their kids get involved in programs to help them experience those crucial milestones.

“We do see a need in our community,” said Asselta. “A lot of our outreach families were really set back and were probably the most impacted by the pandemic. So we are trying to give back a little extra to those families.”
Visit the Port Washington Parent Resource Center website to learn more about the organization at

Please feel free to contact Legislator DeRiggi-Whitton’s office with your questions and comments about this or any other topic at 516-571-6211 or

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