Many Projects Underway In Manorhaven


During the public hearing prior to the Village of Manorhaven April 19 Board of Trustees (BOT) meeting, several local laws related to a stop sign and parking were amended. Trustee Ken Kraft spoke on the village code related to trailers, which was amended to allow trailers to be used temporarily based on hardship (e.g., building fire, etc). During the BOT meeting, resolutions for amendments to these local laws were approved unanimously.

Mayor Jim Avena spoke about repairs to the sweeper and the need to purchase a newer, but used one, since a new sweeper costs about $150,000. Trustee John Popeleski reported on the status of the sewer study. Camera work is done on all pipes in the village and they can be re-sleeved instead of replaced. This will save a great deal of money and roads won’t need to be dug up.

“A lot of projects are going on right now,” Avena said. “The sewers have been in need of attention for over a decade and Trustee Popeleski is on top of it all. Deputy Mayor Priscilla von Roeschlaub has been coordinating with Nassau County on the $3 million Manorhaven Boulevard project and has also offered to manage the dog park and other improvements in the Nature Preserve. Trustee Di Lucia has done a fabulous job with Morgan’s Dock. It will be a really special place for us all to enjoy when completed next year. And, Trustee Kraft has embraced his role perfectly as our Code guy.”

Avena added that the village is continuing to stress the importance of following the garbage codes. While most residents are working with the village to help improve the cleanliness of Manorhaven, others need to do their part or risk being fined.

The meeting ended with announcements about upcoming events, including the May 10 Work Session where Legislator Delia DeRiggi-Whitton will speak about the Manorhaven Boulevard project. Avena added that the Village is participating in St. Stephen’s “Toiletries For Troops” effort, collections for which will go on through June 15.

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