Manorhaven Sewer System Restoration Postponed



The restoration of Manorhaven’s sewer system was initially set to begin on Oct. 28, but according to a post on the Village of Manorhaven’s website, the work has been postponed until on or after Nov. 6.

In July, the Village of Manorhaven took out a bond in the amount of $950,000, which included $700,000 for Phase I of the Sanitary Sewer Restoration Project. According to documents provided by the village, the scope of the sanitary sewer rehabilitation project will include approximately 4,400 linear feet of pipe lining on Manorhaven Boulevard and Inwood Road and rehabilitation of two manholes on Manorhaven Boulevard. The installation of pipe lining and associated manhole rehabilitation will not require road openings or physically disturb any land. The sewer lines are nearly 60 years old and need to be repaired to prevent blockages and to preserve the village’s sewer system.

The first phase of the project was set to begin in this fall. Village officials stated that residents can expect to experience minimal water interruptions of a few blocks at a time when the project begins and that no work will be allowed during Thanksgiving. During construction, the traffic may slow down on blocks where the sewer lines are being replaced, but there will be minimal detours, the village stated.

According to a post made on the Village of Manorhaven’s Facebook page, the sewer system was recently analyzed by an engineering firm.

“Although it’s old, it’s in pretty good shape,” the post stated. “We were told that the system still has room for plenty of new capacity after the lining repairs.”

After the repairs are completed, the village will concentrate on “getting [the sewer system] back to pristine condition” by making upgrades to the pump station and force main, which pumps wastewater from Manorhaven to the sewage treatment plant in Port Washington.


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