Manorhaven Appoints New Village Justice


During a Public Hearing and Planning Meeting at Manorhaven Village Hall on April 8, Mayor Jim Avena read the following statement regarding the recent resignation of past Village Justice Peter Gallanter and the Village’s appointment of a new Village Justice Jim Roman, Esq. Roman has an outstanding record of service on the Village’s Planning Board and Ethics and Finance committees over the past several years.

“I would like to briefly comment on the resignation this past week of the Village Justice and the resulting change in our Village Court,” Mayor Avena’s said.

The former judge’s own Facebook page truly says it all. In a public Facebook post last week, he admitted that he is currently under investigation by the state for alleged improper conduct as Village Justice.

This investigation by the New York State Commission on judicial Conduct is limited to him and his activities. It has nothing to do with any other part of our Village government or any other Village official.

Unfortunately, based on his own words, the former judge has chosen to politicize his alleged ethical lapses and questionable conduct. The truth of the matter is that he—and he alone—is responsible for whatever issues the state is investigating. Any attempt to shift responsibility for this or blame his predicament on others is completely without merit.

As far as any future involvement by the former judge in our Village government is concerned, all I can say is that “it’s a free country” and that’s up to him.

The Village of Manorhaven is moving forward tonight with the appointment of an outstanding attorney as our new Village Justice. Jim Roman is a proud resident of our Village and dedicated to its advancement. Our entire Manorhaven community will benefit from his experience, integrity, and high ethical standards, as he assumes the responsibilities of this position this evening.”

Please contact the Village at 516-883-7000 with questions regarding this or any other Manorhaven-related topic.

—Submitted by the Village of Manorhaven


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