MAC Waterfront Plan


Letter addressed ToNH supervisor:

Please pass this request on to Pete Forman, commissioner Office of Emergency Management for the Town of North Hempstead, per his announcement on News12 TV for Port Washington, and because your 311 call center has no record of his name or office.

“Mr. Foreman: Would you please ask your flood monitoring inspectors to keep a special sharp eye on the causeway onto Manhasset Isle (Shore Road at Manhasset Avenue) for any storm surge flooding and keep me posted via email for the next several tide cycles.

We are trying to track the height of the flood waters crossing the road at that particular point on behalf of some sick and elderly residents, who have serious concerns about an uncertain and timely unmarked evacuation route off the Isle for the next few days during Hurricane Hermine.”

—Caroline S. DuBois, Acting Secretary,
Manorhaven Action Committee (Citizens Waterfront Advisory Committee)


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