MAC Is a Civic Group


The Manorhaven Action Committee (MAC) is a civic group and because we have been dealing with them frequently in the past, I understand that there could be some confusion. In the future I will endeavor to make the relationship more clear.

MAC is a group of residents working for the betterment of the Village of Manorhaven and is in the process of collecting suggestions as part of the public outreach component of the Local Waterfront Revitalization Plan as required by the local village law, which created the six-month Waterfront Building Moratorium in the Village of Manorhaven.

Caroline S. DuBois
Manorhaven Action Committee

Mayor Jim Avena requests I forward the following message on his behalf, regarding the email sent by Caroline DuBois of the political party known as Manorhaven Action Committee (MAC).

“To avoid confusion, it should be noted that the Manorhaven Action Committee (MAC) is not affiliated with the Incorporated Village of Manorhaven. A different committee, the Village of Manorhaven Waterfront Committee, was appointed by me, the mayor, to review possible changes to the Village Zoning Code and develop recommendations for consideration by the Board of Trustees. The Incorporated Village of Manorhaven appreciates the viewpoints of MAC and all village residents, and encourages full participation in discussions regarding matters of public concern.”

—Sharon Abramski


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