Long Island Haunts

Long Island Haunts
Hempstead House at Sands Point Preserve is a hotbed of ghost activity

Long Island used to be home to a dozen American Indian tribes. It was settled by Europeans in the 1600s and the site of major battles during the Revolutionary War. Plantations run by slavery dotted the Island until the Civil War. By the late 1800s, prominent families like the Roosevelts and the Vanderbilts made their homes here. In the early 20th century, Long Island was the epicenter of the the typhoid fever epidemic, and hard hit by tuberculosis and the Great Depression as well. With as storied a past as Long Island has, it is no surprise there are reports of ghostly activity all over the place.

Where are the most haunted locations on Long Island? Read the full list on Long Island Weekly: Long Island Haunts

Long Island Haunts

For more from our Halloween theme issue, including more details about the history of Hempstead House and the Northern Queens Paranormal Research Group’s ghost hunting excursions, click here.



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