Local Doctor Follows His Heart And A Trend

Dr. Scott Rex and his Port-bred wife, Laura, take precious moments out of their busy schedule to go scuba diving, a passion second only to his career as a Port Washington physician.
Dr. Scott Rex and his Port-bred wife, Laura, take precious moments out of their busy schedule to go scuba diving, a passion second only to his career as a Port Washington physician.

There’s a new health care trend that delivers a personal touch and (among other benefits) allows you to add your primary care physician’s private number to your cell’s speed dial. And the concept, called personalized health care (also known as “concierge medicine”), is sweeping communities across the country and becoming more mainstream and affordable.

A local Port Washington physician and his Port-bred wife and business partner have embraced this transition and believe it’s the wave of primary medicine. In his 10 years in family medicine, Dr. Scott Rex admits that like many physicians in traditional primary care with thousands of patients who wish they can spend more time with each and every one, he became increasingly frustrated with the status quo. Working side by side with his wife, Laura Leigh Carroll, a lifelong Port Washington resident, registered nurse and graduate of Schreiber High School, the two had put their heart and soul into developing a locally respected medical practice in town and were proud of their efforts. But modern day health care had evolved and patients are learning that they are becoming more aware of health care options.

They researched transitioning their practice to a new concept and coupled with Florida-based MDVIP, which help provide resources to physicians and patients to reach their health and wellness goals through in-depth knowledge, expertise and one-on-one coaching. The concept gives services to patients above and beyond the typical health care plans and the costs are included in an affordable annual membership fee. As a result of participation in this membership, your primary doctor is at your fingertips, 24/7.

Unlike a traditional primary-care practice, an MDVIP-affiliated doctor like Dr. Rex will take extra time to get to know patients and their current health through consultations, comprehensive screenings and advanced testing, with no waiting time or health care provider “red tape.”

In August 2015, Dr. Rex became the first doctor in Port Washington to become an affiliate of MDVIP. Here is how it works. With a small practice, Dr. Rex now is able to offer appointments that start at 30 minutes and last as long as necessary. The annual wellness program visit for each patient is now typically 2½ hours and includes advanced comprehensive blood work, vision screening, body composition analysis, screening for peripheral artery disease and hearing evaluation, to name a few.
The best perk for most patients is a “no wait waiting room.” Fewer patients also means it’s far more likely that you will be able to see the doctor without delay at your appointed time, and that when a patient is admitted to a hospital, Dr. Rex, their primary care physician, will monitor their stay while they are there.

“I’m able to do rounds on my own patients…it even frees me up to do house calls,” he said.
MDVIP, which was founded 15 years ago by primary-care physicians, has over 800 affiliated doctors nationwide. The concept of personalized medical practices has significantly grown in recent years as doctors nationwide believe it’s a trend that will continue to flourish.

Carroll, who still lives in the home in which she grew up and sees many patients who graduated with her from her school days, said, “Port Washington is my home and now it’s our place of business. I’m delighted that my husband and I can provide the best comprehensive care possible for all our patients. Along with the many advances in medical technology, there is still no substitute for the human experience. The patient is always a person first and deserves to be treated with dignity, respect and compassion. That’s what we’re doing now here in Port.”


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