Local Author Book Signing at Dolphin Bookshop


Port Washington author Giovannina Bellino will be at the Dolphin Bookshop and Cafe on June 15 at 7 p.m. to sign her new book Cooking With Flavor Bombs which came out on April 25. In her first-ever cookbook Bellino gives recipes on how to create her products currently on the market and gives recipes on how to use them.

Flavor Bombs are blends of savory, sautéed aromatics, fresh herbs, vegetables, spices or stocks and sauces that you make in advance and freeze in ice cube trays. Bellino gives recipes for Flavor Bombs ranging from Basil Herb Pesto Bombs to Curry Flavor Bombs and recipes on how to use each.

While Bellino will be signing her new book at the Dolphin Bookshop and Cafe, she treats her book signings as though they are cocktail parties.

“I will have my product line of Flavor Bombs in five flavors available to purchase, so if you buy the book, you already have some Bombs to start with,” said Bellino. “I’m going to be doing a tasting of the spaghetti frittata on the cover as well.”

The Dolphin Bookshop and Cafe is located at 299 Main St., Port Washington. Check out next week’s edition of the Port Washington News for more about Bellino’s new book Cooking With Flavor Bombs!

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