Library Trustees Elected And Budget Passed


Two Port Washington Public Library board of trustees were chosen and the total 2019 budget proposal was approved on April 10.

The total proposed 2019 budget of $7,474,764 received 652 votes to approve it and 45 votes against it. The approved budget reflects a 1.39 percent reduction in the tax levy compared to the 2018 fiscal year which was 0.96 percent.

While four ran for election, Sima Vasa and incumbent Michael Krevor were voted in as trustees to the library board.

“I was thrilled to be elected,” said Vasa. “I love our library and I am honored to serve our community in this role. I look forward to continuing to make the library our community hub by creating opportunities for underserved communities to gain access, bringing in more parents of children who are not familiar with all the library has to offer and of course, helping navigate the digital world and how it impacts the library.”

“I’m pleased to have been re-elected and to have received considerable support from my fellow trustees,” said Krevor, who will be taking on his second five-year term as trustee. “The Board as a whole has set goals for the library and has projects under consideration. Among the things we are hoping to accomplish are to reach out to underserved segments of the community, to increase awareness of the numerous services and facilities the library has to offer, to attend to the aging physical plant, to bring improving technologies to the library, to repurpose space as needs change, to look for opportunities to make the library ‘greener’ and to maintain the excellence of the library while exercising fiscal responsibility on behalf of the taxpayers of Port Washington.”

Vasa received 514 votes and Krevor received 374 votes while opponents Tania Danielson received 185 and Stephanie Salzbank received 161.