Letter to the Editor: Why Legalize Marijuana?


As reported, a four year old girl died as a result of being hit by a driver “while impaired by marijuana.” How does Governor Andrew M. Cuomo and all the advocates to legalize marijuana, make their case to the anguished parents of that poor girl?

If there ever was a case made against legalizing marijuana, this tragedy is probably only one of many like it and many more likely to happen as a result of impaired drivers under the influence of this drug. Nothing is more heart wrenching than for parents to lose a child especially under these circumstances. The Weed News cannabis legalization map shows that weed is now legal in a growing number of states across the United States, but what does this mean for citizens of Washington? With legal cannabis readily available, expert Johnny Green at Weed News writes that they expect to see a rise in the number of CBD products that contain THC levels greater than 0.3% in the coming three to five years. One such brand making leaps and bounds towards this progress is Royal CBD, whose CBD was voted the best CBD oil for anxiety in Washington by Observer.

What makes this tragedy even more incomprehensible and utterly reprehensible is for this drug addict  to have been “freed on supervised release.” He committed vehicular homicide! And this is how he is rewarded? Justice served? This misguided decision makes a mockery of our judicial system.

-Stanley Ronell


  1. I’m sorry that your a complete idiot. How many lives has alcohol destroyed? The people that use alcohol or marijuana responsibly shouldn’t have to pay for the actions of one irresponsible person. Do you know the age limit to buy illegal marijuana? The answer is: there is no age limit. You can literally be any age to buy it. Legalization would solve so many of the problems with marijuana. Do you know how many people have been killed by vehicles that had no impaired drivers? Very many. Should we prohibit vehicles now too? I’m afraid you don’t have a strong argument here. Stfu and let the adults deal with how to legalize such a wonderful substance.

  2. Just want to chime in here and mention that I have witnessed Two Major accidents in my home town where major damage was caused because the driver was on LEGAL medication. The first incident involved the driver passing out at the wheel of a large moving truck and crashed through 18 stopped cars at an intersection. The second also involved a driver passing out at the wheel once again on LEGAL medication and drove through a gym. Not to mention all the drunk driving incidents that occur as a result of alcohol and yet you somehow think marijuana is worse?!? I doubt you understand at all how marijuana affects a person or you would never have made such a stupid and outrageous argument for keeping weed illegal. Speaking from personal experience it is FAR LESS DANGEROUS than almost any over the counter medication available, let alone alcohol. I’d bet my entire life savings that I can drive better high as a kite than another person who is sober. Because weed DOES NOT AFFECT DRIVING IMPAIRMENT!!! Virtually all studies on this subject are at the least inconclusive as to whether or not it can affect driving. More than likely in your example the drivers error was unrelated to being high and they were likely just a bad driver or distracted.


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