Letter To The Editor: Vote Yes For PW School Budget


Please vote YES on Tuesday May 15 to support the proposed budget for the Port Washington School District.  This is a budget that truly addresses the needs of a growing community within the tax cap.

My husband and I are both proud products of public schools (Minneapolis and Great Neck, respectively) and now couldn’t be happier to raise our two children here in Port.  For the last six years, every time I walked into Sousa I was grateful that my children spent their days in such a rich and nurturing environment. And although middle school is notorious for being an awkward transitional time in a kid’s life, my sixth grader comes home so excited about what he learned in Latin or Science or Social Studies or FACS (what we called Home Ec). They’re definitely doing something right in that building.

The fiscally responsible school budget being put forth this year is one that will allow Port to add much-needed staff to our schools while remaining within the tax cap.

We are a community of families that expects and demands a lot from our teachers and our children.  And even if you don’t have children in the system, there are myriad reasons to support better schools where you live, like paying it forward, and the social and safety benefits of better-educated young people living in our midst.

So please, vote YES on Tuesday, May 15 to provide the district with the resources to make Port the best it can be, for all of us.  Thank you!

-Yasmeen Ahmed Pattie