Letter to the Editor: Vote For Sattinger For BOE Trustee


On May 17, Port Washington residents will be voting for the school budget and trustees. I will be supporting Dave Sattinger fully and without hesitation. Dave is a parent of a middle school student and therefore has a strong commitment to make sure that schools in Port continue delivering a high level of education to all students.

Dave grew up in a house of teachers and, after graduating from Binghamton University, lived in California, where he became deeply involved in environmental issues and realized that only engaged citizens can make a difference. This is why he wants to run for the position of trustee—to make a difference in the education of all our students. He strongly believes that transparency, open communication and reaching out even to those who might have an opposite view is the best method to bring everyone together for the benefit of our schools.

Dave is a full-time working parent who finds himself sometimes traveling overseas for his business. Nevertheless, he makes sure to arrange his schedule so that he can attend and participate in educational activities in the community, such as HSA/PTA, AGATE, regular BOE and committee meetings. He also participated in the legislative and governmental Affairs deliberations as well as the Opt-Out presentations. And he does all this while still being present for his son’s baseball games.Port Washington News

Dave understands that trustees can only make a difference when they work cooperatively, but at the same time is aware that it is important to bring new points of view and ideas to the board. After all, the most important obligation of a trustee is to make sure that, as a community, the best education is provided to all students.

I invite you to join me and vote for Dave Sattinger on May 17 and bring a fresh voice to the BOE.

—George Borda



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