Letter to the Editor: Upset With Politician


Jon Kaiman’s recent mailing comparing him and his “project independence” to FDR’s Social Security Act and Johnson’s Medicare made me laugh, then cry.

His campaign manager must be delusional. Such a comparison is reminiscent of Senator Lloyd Bentsen’s retort to Dan Quayle: “Senator, you’re no Jack Kennedy.” Mr. Kaiman, you’re no Roosevelt or Johnson.

Other than party politics, I don’t understand how Congressman Ackerman—a favorite—could support Kaiman. A social studies teacher should know better.

Such mailings are disingenuous, dishonest, disrespectful and desperate. I had no idea that project independence was a national program sponsored by the federal government.

Please give us electorate a break. Kaiman’s commitment to progressivism should have started with the Town of North Hempstead’s Building Department.

—Barbara Mallonletters



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