Letter To The Editor: Support Laura Curran


This is a letter I sent to Jack Martins one year ago, who was then our State Senator. After losing his bid for Congress, he’s now trying for Nassau County Executive, but nothing has changed about his record or his deafening silence about now-President Trump, our divider-in-chief.
Please join me in opposing his election to Nassau County Executive, and voting for Laura Curran.
Mr. Martins, your silence in the face of Donald Trump’s racism, sexism, xenophobia and ignorance is deafening. I have written to you repeatedly, in particular when the Trump rally took place in Patchogue on the block where Marcelo Lucero was murdered by racist teens, and you did not have the respect to reply to my question about this.
Your record in the NYS Senate has been to oppose women’s right to choose as well as to deny rights to LGBT people. I know you have a reputation as a “decent man,” but it’s your record as a legislator that matters. Your failure to speak out against your party’s presidential candidate and Mr. Trump’s continually hateful rhetoric is equally deafening. You cannot claim the mantel of conciliator when you fail to speak out against such evil.
—Dr. Nancy Braman


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