Letter to the Editor: Support Beys


We have known Emily Beys for over fifteen years and wholeheartedly support her to become a member of the school board representing our values and the best interests of the children and the teachers of our community.

Like you, we often do not know the people running for local positions well and find it difficult to make a choice without information, so we thought it might be useful for you to know some important things about Emily personally as well as professionally.

As members of Archangel Michael Greek Orthodox Church since 1997, where our children attended Greek School as well as Sunday School (Yes, like in my Big Fat Greek Wedding!), we had the privilege of working with Emily when she was president of the Greek School PTA and then the Greek School Board. All our children were students at Weber and then Schreiber during the same years, where we continued to work alongside her when she served as president of the Parent’s Council as well as the HSA. She also kept us busy, recruiting us for the many event committees she headed year after year for both the Port School district as well as our parish community, like the district’s community Coat Drive, Spring Clothing Drive and Holiday Drive.

We can tell you without reservation that once Emily commits herself to something, that commitment is total. As a volunteer, she has spearheaded efforts to educate voters on matters relating to the success of the schools and of its students. She has organized and supervised parent interview teams for the selection of senior school administrators and has sat on various committees like the Safety and Substance Abuse Committee and Budget Committee. She has served our community tirelessly for almost 20 years.

Emily is able to identify potential problems preemptively and tackle them proactively. She is decisive, action-oriented and has the tenacity and perseverance to see things through, no matter what obstacles may arise. But we believe her strongest attribute is her ability to work effectively as a team member. She listens to everyone’s perspective and leads the team to the best outcome.

The fact that Emily cares enough about Port Washington Schools that she is willing to devote her time and energy to their betterment, even after her children have graduated and moved on to college and careers, should speak volumes. We are proud to call her our friend and, with your vote, we look forward to her continued advocacy on behalf of all our children as well as our hardworking educators!

—Chrys Kasapis, PhD

Chris Ioannou



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