Letter To The Editor: Roadway Protection Protocol


Another kudos to Nassau County Supervisor Laura Curran for introducing the  “Free Speech Roadway Protection Protocol” by which all marchers/protesters will have to abide. The  regulation requires them to submit at least one day in advance, for approval, the intended route. Approval will require the marchers/protesters not to impede vehicular traffic including that by emergency vehicles and not to infringe on private property. They will be given specific instructions where they will be allowed to march. Violating the regulation will result in a summons being issued.

This welcomed regulations is so unlike what went on in New York City with the approval of Mayor Bill de Blasio, allowing the marchers to shut down major roadways, such as the East River Drive, Brooklyn Bridge, and many alike, preventing normal vehicular traffic, but even more important, impeding that by emergency vehicles putting at risk those who might require emergency transportation to a hospital. In some instances  this could be a life and death situation.

Shame on de Blasio for being so myopic and thoughtless, all for the sake of political correctness and pandering. That is another example why he is one of the worst mayors the city ever had.

-Stanley Ronell


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