Letter To The Editor: Revist Union Contracts


Schools across New York State are proposing staff layoffs while not considering opening union contracts to save jobs and protect student services. Why aren’t government employees all in this together?

The Times Union newspaper on May 20 posted the Troy, NY School District cutting 23 reading teacher positions on the June 9th statewide school budget vote. On the local level, the Hempstead School District and many other districts also risk the loss of staff positions.  Nassau County is projecting a $384 million budget shortfall for 2020.

We are facing unprecedented financial stress. Just drive around and see the empty storefronts that were in evidence prior to the COVID-19 pandemic. The post COVID-19 pandemic economic future is not look promising.

Taxpayers have been very generous by supporting lucrative salaries and benefits. Now is the time for government employees to step forward and protect jobs by revisiting union contracts. Do it for your colleagues and the kids!


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