Letter to the Editor: Protect Our Parks from Overdevelopment


Protect Our Parks from Overdevelopment

Dear Residents of the Town of North Hempstead,

The Beacon Hill Residents Association, other civic associations and over 2500 inhabitants of Port Washington have been leading the opposition to an application by developers Southern Land Corp and Bar Beach LLC for a change of zoning from Residence AAA to Multiple Residence.  This change in zoning would allow the building of a 95’ tall, 176-unit, luxury rental apartment complex on 2.035 acres of usable land.


If built, this apartment complex will add an additional 450-500 people and require parking for 428 cars. In addition, the developer has requested overflow parking on TONH beach property which would result in a combined total of 300 parking slots, well below the 428 slots required under the Town Building Code. Under NYS law, such a request is considered alienation of parkland.  This will require consideration by the Town Board and ultimately be determined by NY State.  In essence, the developers are trying to build a project that does not fit on 2 acres of land, negates the environmental and small town character of the area and will create devastating traffic problems for Port Washington, Roslyn and all North Hempstead residents who wish to use the amenities to which we are entitled.

The land borders the northern boundary of the Town of North Hempstead Beach Park on West Shore Rd. in Port Washington. A walking trail is located along the shoreline at the beach along with sports courts and fields in the central park area.  The Aerodrome, a 40 acre preserve used for flying model aircraft, along with biking and hiking trails is across West Shore Rd.  from the proposed project.  South of the Aerodrome across from our beach is Harbor Links, another TONH park area with an 18-hole links golf course, a 9-hole executive course, a miniature golf course (not open for this season), sports fields and clubhouse and grill.  Further south between West Shore Rd. and adjacent to the 2nd hole of the executive golf course is Sand Miners’ Monument Park.  These facilities are open to all residents of the Town of North Hempstead and supported by parking fees, special events and our tax dollars.

All of these park areas are consistent in character and reflect the settings of places to enjoy sports or relax amid unusual plants, land and sea animals. Deer, foxes, songbirds, hawks, egrets, horseshoe crabs (considered a vulnerable species) share this space and are to be respected and enjoyed in the wild.


Sign the petition with your comments at:  www.change.org/SavePortWashingtonandHarborNow

Read the Final Scope of the Draft Environmental Impact Statement provided by the TONH for the West Shore Residences at 145 West Shore Rd.  It can be accessed through google or the TONH planning department.

Contact your TONH government representatives and express your opposition
Email format e.g.       Town Supervisor:  bosworthj@northhempsteadny.gov

                                    District 6:  dalimontem@northhempsteadny.gov

Email to: planning@northhempsteadny.gov

Or mail letters to:
Town of North Hempstead
Town Hall
220 Plandome Road
Manhasset, NY 11030
Attention:  Supervisor Judi Bosworth

On behalf of the future of this precious and endangered gift of nature, please do your part.
Should you have any questions, please email us at BHRAPORT@gmail.com

Thank you for your support,
Hilary Himpler
Leslye Kress
Edda Ramsdell
Beacon Hill Residents Association
Port Washington, NY 11050