Letter To The Editor: Manorhaven Elections


Manorhaven residents, don’t be fooled… in recent editorials you may have read about candidates in Manorhaven’s upcoming election. Know this – the best candidates for the upcoming election are John Popeleski, a current trustee, Vincent Costa, a long time active member of the community for trustee, and Christian Alfaya, a lifetime resident and prominent attorney for Village Justice.

You may have read the pre-written editorials that spout about achievements of long standing Board members, but the truth is, being a resident and knowing who has actually been getting things done, makes 80% of the information in the past week’s editorials untrue. For this reason, it’s time to get a few new faces into Village Hall.

Taking credit for the work of others makes for a poor candidate. Being in office too long because your friends keep electing you does not make a good candidate either. Trust me that we DO NOT need a candidate who votes on what they are told to vote on and agrees on fulfilling agendas of strong people in the community; 15 years makes someone much too comfortable.

Re-elect John Popeleski for Trustee, a candidate who has rolled up his sleeves, corrected problems, focused on sewers and infrastructure, the Preserve project and more. The Village had an outstanding Clerk over the past several years who applied for and was awarded almost 2.5 million dollars in grants for Morgan’s Dock, the Preserve pathway project, COVID health and generator repairs for the sewer pump station, and office renovations for the Village. For a public official to take credit for things they had nothing to to do with is deceitful. Please do the right thing residents, Vote Row A: John Popeleski, Vinny Costa and Chris Alfaya for honesty, integrity and dedication on June 15 from 6 a.m. to 9 p.m. at Manorhaven Village Hall.

-Frank Ottaviani
Manorhaven Village Resident



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