Letter to the Editor: In Support Of Sloan And Beys


We are proud to admit that we are unabashed and unmitigated admirers of Karen Sloan and Emily Beys. We very much hope that the entire citizenry of the Port Washington School District will join us in supporting their candidacy for election to the district’s Board of Education on Tuesday, May 17.

Karen, of course, has been a member of the board since 2007 and president since 2009. Under her superb and quiet guidance, our district has continued to be named one of the finest in the state and, indeed, the country. For those and many other civic and charitable lifetime pursuits, Karen was inducted into the North Hempstead Women’s Role of Honor.

Emily Beys, like Karen, has served many years in leadership positions of the Parents Council, middle and high school HSAs, the Ed. Foundation and other educational organizations and initiatives that focus on budgets, safety and substance abuse issues. We greatly value their commitment and willingness to serve.

—Katharine and Leo Ullman, former presidents of the BOE



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