Letter To The Editor In Support of Adam Block


I write this letter in support of Adam Block for Port Washington School Board.  I am a school psychologist that works in both public and private schools in New York City and I am a mother of a child at Salem Elementary School.

While my child has had three wonderful teachers during her three years at Salem, I have seen first hand that many children (families) are not having the same exceptional experience.  The failure of the Port Washington School District to issue and implement appropriate minimum standards for their teachers during the Pandemic has been disconcerting. Moreover, knowing that your child could be assigned to a teacher that is not required to do more than the bare minimum during this remote learning should be concernIng to all Port parents going into the next school year.  While the other candidates do bring valuable experience to the board, I implore you to use one of your votes for Adam.

Adam is committed to doing all he can on the Board to make sure our children all receive a consistent, quality education that all parents have come to expect when they move to Port Washington.  Adam has a vision for our district as an experienced educator, a graduate of Port Schools and a public health expert.  Adam will provide the expertise and the community voice we need to advance our schools in our rapidly changing world.

-Meredith (Steve) Sykes


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