Letter to the Editor: Flower Hill Trustee Election?


On Wednesday March 3, at 3:40 PM I received a call on my cell with the familiar number of the Village of Flower Hill. These are alert calls that The Village pushes to notify us of hurricanes, rains, parks being closed and a host of alerts which at times are questionable of their use. This particular alert was to give me an “Election Update” that election day was Tuesday March 16th just 2 weeks away and this year we have 4 Trustee. The alert was to notify us that we are allowed to vote by absentee ballet due to COVID- 19 and that we can download an application off of the website or request one by contacting Village Hall. The Mayor then told us how proud he was to offer extended hours to vote to encourage participation.

Is the mayor kidding? Election Update? This is the first I am hearing that these positions were even available. Who is running? When you go on the website there is a banner that says there is a village election March 16 with a click to learn more. When trying to learn more it says posted March 3 that there will be an election for 4 trustees’ positions and to please see the legal notice for details, and the only details on the legal notice is that there are 4 positions available which is dated 1/6/21. Election for who? No one will be contested because no one knew that the positions were open. Mayor Herrington appointed who he wanted as his trustee’s and now he is notifying us that there is an election to vote his selections in?

And the lack of transparency continues. This is exactly what the Village of Flower Hill has always been about and continues to be. I hope when the budget meeting comes up there will be more information than a telephone alert, and zero notification on the website.

-Aren Tung
Flower Hill


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