Letter to the Editor: Elections In Manorhaven


The real question to residents in the Manorhaven election on June 15 is what ‘Vote for Positive Change’ really means. Mayor Avena and Trustee DiLucia have overseen a long list of accomplishments from the restoration of Morgan’s Dock to the reforestation of the Manorhaven Preserve to the designation of Manorhaven as a Tree City. If not for the delays due to Covid, the revitalization of Manorhaven Blvd would have been completed, giving the Village’s ‘Main Street’ a much needed lift with even more small green-space areas for those who enjoy the walkability of the Village.

The Village is ultimately a business and it takes both a vision for the future and the fiscal acumen and the management experience to get things accomplished. The Manorhaven Unity Party team has a track record of improving the quality of life in Manorhaven and putting the interests of the Village first.

Sometimes promises of ‘Change’ are just promises.

-Pat Valente
Manorhaven Resident



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