Letter to the Editor: Don Peshkin’s Passing


This week a member of our community, Donald Peshkin, passed away. Don loved the town of Port Washington, loved kids, his family, friends and neighbors. Don also cared about what was right and wrong and saw a big injustice in town and wanted to help fix it. Petrus Park was closed and fenced off in 2008, seven years ago. Don was one of the voices always calling and emailing the Town of North Hempstead curious as to when the children would have their park reopened. After all, it had already been a park for 30 years. Year after year we would meet, talk about the park and ways of getting it reopened. Don wanted to make sure children had this space to play in. Another summer has ended, the fence is still up but now Don has left us. The TONH has promised that Petrus Park will reopen in 2016, eight years after it was fenced off and closed. I am sorry Donald Peshkin won’t be here to see it reopen, to see children once again playing in the Petrus Park. As a community let’s make sure the TONH reopens this park as promised. Don always said, “Not one more summer should pass with the children not having their park.” I know Don will be missed by so many people. My appreciation goes out to Don for teaching me about his endless drive to do what’s right for our community.

—Lee Kalinsky



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