Letter to the Editor: Changing Gowns


Is there no end to this politically correct madness? As reported in Port Washington News, a discussion was held at the last Board of Education meeting about abandoning the traditional white (for girls) and blue (for boys) graduation gowns. This latest manifestation of PC was advanced by a vocal minority advocating doing away with these traditional graduation gowns in deference to those students who don’t identify with either gender. This absurdity is beyond the pale. What’s next? Unisex athletic uniforms?

For those few students in the gender-less group, let the students dispense with wearing any gown. At the expense of being singled out, if that’s what they want, let all the students just come up to get their diplomas attired the same way they come to classes, torn jeans and micro mini shorts being prohibited.

One hopes that our distinguished BOE tables this ludicrous issue into infinity. There are far more important and pressing issues for the BOE to deliberate, such as not piercing the cap. That would be “budgetary correctness.” —Stanley L. Ronell