Letter to the Editor: Board of Education Elections


For the past six years, our community has benefited immensely from Rachel Gilliar’s thoughtful voice on the Port Washington Board of Education. We’re thrilled that she has decided to run for a third term, and we urge Port Washington voters to join us in re-electing Rachel and approving this year’s proposed budget.

After two terms on the Board of Education, Rachel has established an extensive record of accomplishments:

  • She has improved communication between the Board and the community by advocating for revamping of the District website, broadcasting board committee meetings, launching a District Facebook page, and answering questions posed by community members during school board meetings.
  • As a consistent advocate for a challenging and appropriate education for all learners, she has helped change the conversation on enrichment and acceleration. She has worked to shore up support for the Port Enrichment Program (PEP) and ensure that the program is fully staffed while advocating for improvements to the identification process so as to better meet the needs of English language learners, twice exceptional learners, and other underserved students.
  • She has brought awareness to the need for more learning opportunities for students who are passionate about the Humanities, arguing for the newly-expanded AP Language and Composition option for 11th graders and the newly-added English Honors course for 10th graders.

On a board that has seen a great deal of turnover in recent years, Rachel is one of the longest-serving trustees, giving her a depth of knowledge about the complex fiscal, curricular, and facilities issues facing our District. If you watch or attend school board meetings, you can’t fail to be impressed by her careful and measured approach to the deliberations. She asks detailed and probing questions, often identifying considerations that have not received adequate attention. Even during contentious discussions, she is unfailingly collegial and collaborative. She listens and makes clear that she respects and values other perspectives, whether they come from the community, teachers and administrators, or her fellow trustees.

This year’s Board of Education vote will take place on Tuesday, May 16th at Weber School from 6:00 am to 10:00 pm. Please join us in voting for Rachel Gilliar and the 2023-2024 budget!


Kim and John Keiserman


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