Letter to the Editor: Article About Poles


A recent article in the Port Washington News clearly indicated that our community is still seriously concerned about the 80-foot PSEG utility poles on Port Washington Boulevard. One reader commented, “they make me so sad and angry…it looks industrial and ugly.” One other reported, “It was planned and calculated and we had no chance to object…So horrible.”

The town board can still take action and have PSEG begin to remove these utility poles and [place the wires] underground. This would not only improve our streetscape but more importantly it would provide better service to businesses and homeowners.
The board must continue to negotiate with PSEG. Several years ago Residents for a More Beautiful Port Washington and the town board worked together and did just that by convincing the utility to remove the utility poles from Port Washington Boulevard south [of Willowdale] to Campus Drive and have the wires put underground. The town should take that same action now.

—Myron Blumenfeld


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