Letter to the Editor: Adam Block For School Board


We have a Board of Education election in Port Washington in a few weeks (June 9) and I just learned about a new candidate that would bring a much needed injection of new blood to the school district.

His name is Adam Block, and he has some wonderful ideas on how to better the school district as well as the professional experience to do the complicated financial wok of he board. Adam grew up in Port Washington and has returned recently as he has always loved this town. He wants to improve our schools by expanding what they offer the students. From early drop off options that will help parentsjuggle jobs and child care to additional after school activities, to developing internship programs at Weber and Schreiber.

Adam has new ideas that he has seen work at other schools on Long Island and Westchester and I believe they can work here. The coronavirus pandemic has shown that Port Schools need to be more proactive and less reactive. Our schools could most certainly use a new perspective that will bring our district to a brighter and exciting future.

-Hank Ratner


  1. I would love to know how he might help bring in truly integrated classrooms for K-12 within our district, as we lack that now. Rather than focusing on extra curricular activities, it would be nice to expand our district to be inclusive of some more children with special needs. My 4 yr old needs an integrated classroom and this district doesn’t offer this. We can’t continue to operate like this and exclude and ship out so many children. Least restrictive environment means exactly what it says.


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