Letter: Questions On Zoning Overlay District


When concerned Manorhaven residents gather at Village Hall on March 3 for the Q&A on the draft Waterfront Report, they should ask serious questions about the proposed Zoning Overlay District.

This Overlay appears to be a gift to developers and large commercial land owners, permitting the rezoning of the Commercial Marine District to become Residential, thereby causing a huge increase in housing density and removal of long time protections for marinas.

How will massive construction followed by hundreds more cars on the street impact the quality of life for the whole Port Washington peninsula? How will our schools, sewers and roads be affected, and who will pay for upgrades? Who will actually benefit from establishing a new Zoning Overlay District?

The report is long on flowery promises, but short on meaningful details on the impact on residents’ lives. History shows that rezoning favors developers, because they can get more profit from condos than they do from marinas.

Residents must demand a comprehensive analysis before the Village considers any zoning changes in the most densely crowded village in New York State.

—Caroline S. DuBois,
Acting Secretary, Manorhaven Action Committee (MAC)


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