Letter In Support Of Adam Block For School Board


I am writing to express my support for Adam Block for the Port Washington School Board.

I write as we are two months into lockdown. As a parent of a Port elementary student, I was extremely surprised and dismayed at the school board’s decision to offer none of the distance learning that virtually every other elementary school in the nation achieved in short order.

After months of patience, and increasing appeals and pleas from parents including myself, the schools have decided to maintain their worst-in-the-nation distance learning. They offer the barest minimum. This is not why I moved to Port, that is not the ethic and tradition our schools have built, this is not the example I want the school to set for my child. Adam Block has been a leader among parents who want our schools to rise to the challenge. He attended our schools, his kids attend our schools, and he is invested in the process. He’ll advocate for what is best for students.

This is why I support Adam Block for Port Washington School Board.

-Ryan Fisher


  1. What exactly did “virtually every other elementary school in the nation achieved in short order”? We are “worst-in-the-nation”? Hyperbole much?

  2. Harsh and unfair description of the schools in port. Go ahead and support who you want but your comments are unfounded, grossly exaggerated and have provided no facts which should be the basis of journalism (even port Washington news).

  3. Absurd….who is your editor? Both of you should be embarrassed by the gross exaggeration and lack of facts in the article. You should have just called it propaganda not support for x

    Fake news


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