Letter: Bow Tie Cinemas


I’m a 17-year-old high school student at Schreiber and I’ve lived here for 11 years. I’ve always loved the Bow Tie and was sad to see it taken away earlier this year. I actually sent a long letter to the editor about my interest in the theater, and how with the seven different, unique, and large theaters, there’s lots of opportunities.

You have three huge auditoriums, two stadium seating rooms, and two small theaters. Personally I find the small theaters intimate and cozy, but could see the benefits of renovating those small theaters into restaurant/event space. It’s an incredibly large theater, there’s even an old birthday party room that could be converted into event space upstairs.

I remember going to see Up, Madagascar 3 and the last Harry Potter movie there as a kid back at a friends birthday. I’ve seen so many movies there and think it has such a unique design. I think there are beneficial possibilities to renovating the space into a club or concert venue like The Space and The Paramount, but the old architecture, and unique design including the chandeliers and the different screens really just makes me want to see a Cinema Arts Centre come to Port. I think the attendance could increase with a diverse category of films, such as showing classic cinema, movies on their anniversaries, foreign films and independent releases.

The theater in town is really beautiful and just sits empty. I’d really like to see it open back up. I’m very excited at the idea of anyone wanting to convert or help reopen it.

—Andrew Beberman