Letter: Bow Tie Cinemas Closing


My personal dream is to operate a nonprofit theater in my community and bringing this venue back to life would be perfect. I’m currently looking into the incorporation process for my group (Long Island Film Society) which currently just promotes film or organizes events/outings around Long Island—the ultimate goal would be to operate as a cultural organization like Film Forum (NYC) or Cinema Arts Centre (Huntington), or Sag Harbor Theater, playing independent/foreign films, classics and retrospectives, and serve as a venue for local student/amateur films as well as exhibition space for nearby programs like Gold Coast Arts Center’s film series and film festival. If anyone has any experience with non-profits or can provide legal/tax advice at this early, I’d love to connect. And since Bow Tie appears to have no plans yet, this space will hopefully remain vacant and allow something great to move in. Otherwise, a possible first step may to get a historical society involved to stop it from converting into a bank.

—Matthew Honovic


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