Letter: Ban Assault Weapons


I am so angry I can feel the blood boiling inside of me. I am so sad, I can feel the tears welling up as I write this. A few months ago I wrote in this space how disappointed I was in the leadership of this country. Well, now my disappointment has turned to anger. How is it possible that the politicians that have been elected lack any kind of courage or moral fortitude? How many more mass shootings have to take place before a leader steps up and says “that is enough!”

Our current president feels we need to spend billions of dollars to build an unnecessary wall, when a mass shooting takes place almost every day here at home. I am so sick of thoughts and prayers. They ring so hollow, especially when the leadership of this country, both sides of the aisle, has shown no courage whatsoever in trying to fix the problem. It is the easiest problem in the world to fix. Ban assault weapons today!

How is it possible that in this day and age, any individual is allowed to walk into a gun store and purchase a weapon that is meant for war? The second amendment was put in place so colonists had protection from British soldiers. I am quite sure that Madison and Jefferson did not have this in mind.

I completely understand that bad people are still going to do bad things. And believe it or not, I am not looking to make all guns illegal. However, if this individual possessed a gun that could only fire one round every 15 seconds or so, the loss of life, while still unbearable, would have been a lot less.

I am up for other ideas, but the bottom line is someone with some courage, needs to step up and actually do something. They need to take on the NRA. They need to risk losing campaign funding, and yes, maybe even risk losing an election if that is what it takes.
The bottom line is that every Congressman, Senator, and yes, the President, current and previous, all have blood on their hands. Who is going to be the one to step up and be a leader? Until someone does, I guess we will need to depend on thoughts and prayers.

—Mark Sparber


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