Landmark’s 20th Anniversary Spotlight Gala

Patina Miller
Patina Miller

The Landmark hosted its 20th Anniversary Spotlight Gala on Main Street on Saturday, Nov. 7, at 7 p.m. The festivities included honors for community leaders, a fabulous concert and a delicious post-concert dinner. This year marked 20 years since the historic Landmark on Main Street building was rescued, restored and repurposed. Since its reopening in 1995 as a combination of senior residences and community center, Landmark has become a cultural beacon with a reputation that extends far beyond the borders of Port Washington.

Donuts donated by Dunkin Donuts (Photos by Lauren Pulver)
Donuts donated by Dunkin Donuts
(Photos by Lauren Pulver)

“Our 20th Anniversary Gala captured the essence of what Landmark means to Port Washington,” said Laura Mogul, director of the Landmark. “We had three outstanding honorees, Andy and Beth Lipset, Bob Schanzer and the Port Washington Fire Department, all exemplars of the generous volunteerism that created Landmark on Main Street 20 years ago and sustains it to this day. We had the support of a wide range of individuals—over 300 tickets sold, significant donations and a journal packed with congratulatory messages and local businesses who donated goods and services for our decor, party and gift bags. We had a spectacular performance by Patina Miller on our stage, followed by a fabulous party in the neighborhood park.”

Landmarkgala111115GMogul continued, “At every turn we were reminded of the vision of the original Landmark Committee and how far we have taken it. What a great way to begin our next 20 years.”

Attendees were treated to a cocktail hour in the tent in Blumenfeld Park, a concert by Patina Miller and a fabulous dinner catered by H on the Harbor. The flowers were by Falconer and Amaranthus on Main, graphics were by Michelle Shain and party planning by Shari Scharlat.

Andy and Beth Lipset
Andy and Beth Lipset

“All credit for making this event happen in the midst of our busy theater season goes to the incredible Landmark staff: Sean Perry, Allison Rudman, Eileen Kelsh-Ambach, Ariel Greenfield, Margaret deSiervo, Annabelle May, Kellie Rentz-Bruneau and building staff Craig Alston, Adam Chorzepa, Rudy Perez and Leo Espinoza. Also Ilene Silberstein and Ellen Brown, former staff who came back to help. They are amazing,” said Mogul.

The gala is Landmark’s major fundraising event. It helps underwrite all of Landmark’s programs and services including concerts by national performers, community use of theater, meeting and gym facilities and free arts and public affairs programs for seniors and other community members.

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