Landmark On Main Holds Outdoor Concerts



Dave Diamond Live at the Landmark on Main Street) (Photo courtesy of the Landmark on Main Street)

Due to the pandemic, the Jeanne Rimsky Theater had to cancel all scheduled shows through Dec. 31.

“We’re using our time to make improvements in the theater and office, clean and sanitize our spaces and develop COVID safety protocols for staff and guests,” Laura Mogul Executive Director. “We’ll be ready to welcome you back as soon as we’re permitted to open. Our fantastic lineup for 2021 includes not only the rescheduled shows, but a host of artists we haven’t even announced yet.”

Despite being closed, the theater has been looking for new ways to offer entertainment to the Port Washington community. The Landmark has been partnering with community organizations and arts presenters to bring free virtual events and outdoor performances.

The concerts are free and open to the public on a first-come first-serve basis. Dates and venues for each of the concerts are listed on the Landmark website, but most take place on Saturday nights in October. Each concert takes place in the theater parking lot with the proper social distancing requirements for those who reserve free tickets in advance of the event.

To help local businesses in the community, the Landmark also created billboard advertising. For a fee of $200, which includes the landmark friends membership, members have access to all outdoor events prior to them being open to the public, as well as a discount on to all events.

Also included in the fee, subscribers would have their name, business and contact phone number printed on a large poster behind the concert performer. After the concert is over, the poster will then be put on the fence in front of the Landmark, where the shows are normally posted.

“I believed that all of us who used to post our full ads in the Landmark playbook would become generous and at the same time get advertised,” Dr. Marlene Levy said. This is new and hopefully more people will want to help with most wonderful Theater in Port Washington, with the many diverse live shows.

New events are added on Facebook, Instagram and the Landmark website every week, visit @landmarkonmain. For more information on billboard advertising, contact organizer Amy Dash at 516-767-2355. The Landmark on Main Street is located at 232 Main St. in Port Washington. For a full list of outdoor and virtual concerts or for more information, visit


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