Julliard At The Amsterdam


On June 9, The Amsterdam at Harborside in Port Washington hosted the first presentation in their 2016 concert series featuring Julliard students and alumni. The gifted quartet featured vibraphonist Joe Doubleday, David Linard on the piano, Carl Koheut on the bass and Daug Markhaus on the drums. Forties-style vocalist Hillary Garnver performed with the quartet and they performed for a very receptive audience.

The ensemble immediately connected with the audience when they mentioned their first piece, “Stompin at the Savoy.” “Heaven” and “As Time Goes By” were two very moving performances as well. “Flying Home” brought about another spontaneous applause and inspired 95-year-old Lillian Swarth and her son, Richard, to dance in the aisle. The music was captivating and the audience participation was priceless. Sam Guedouar, executive director at The Amsterdam, said, “It’s beautiful to see the expressions on their faces, they could be remembering their first dance or their first date.”Juliard062216A Juliard062216C

After the concert, a music-savvy audience participated in a question-and-answer session and questions were asked of the musicians’ musical backgrounds. Vibraphonist Joe Doubleday started piano lessons at the age of six, and also studied the bassoon and as he described it, “I was the only one playing the bassoon and when I hit a wrong note, everyone knew who it was.” Pianist David Linard grew up surrounded by music from banjos and guitars and discovered jazz on his own; he always respected both styles of music. Carl Koheut’s mother was a piano teacher; he started out playing classical piano, learned the electric base and got serious about jazz at his university. Drummer Daug Markhaus did not come from a musical background but his parents have always supported him in his musical endeavors. He said, “It’s wonderful to play for such a receptive audience, they were tapping their feet and moving to the music. They are also sharp as a whip, it was a treat.” Vocalist Hillary Garnver was complimented on her amazing vocal skills and questioned about future performances. When asked about the future of jazz standards, everyone mutually agreed that the standards will carry on, more will be added and jazz standards will continue to grow.

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