Innovative Technology Builds Tech In Port Washington


innovativetech032115AInnovative Technology Electronics Corp.’s founder and CEO Corey Lieblein started his company with one product and a leap of faith 14 years ago in his hometown of Port Washington. Now, Lieblein’s consumer electronics company, which specializes in designing, developing, manufacturing, and bringing to market stylish, unique and affordable electronic products, has more than 200 products that can be found in almost 20,000 retail stores across North America. Some of Innovative Technology’s best-selling products include a nostalgia line of products, which are vintage-looking high-tech stereo systems and suitcase turntables, their Justin rechargeable power products, and Bluetooth speakers, cases and keyboards.

Lieblein grew up in Port Washington. He lived in Soundview for most of his childhood, attending Guggenheim Elementary School, what was once Sousa Junior High School and Schreiber High School. After college, marriage, and living in the city, Lieblein knew he wanted to return to Port Washington with his wife to raise a family. “I have incredible memories of growing up in Port Washington and living near the water,” said Lieblein. “As an adult, I love the diversity of the people in Port Washington, and the unique character and look of the town.” His sons now attend Weber and Schreiber.

The company headquarters started in a condo in Port Washington, but they quickly outgrew that space. Innovative Technology is now located on Channel Drive and Shore Road. “This building was the old Andrew’s Paper and Chemical building. “I used to ride my bike past the building as a kid, and when I saw that it was for sale five and a half years ago, I knew it would be a great location for Innovative Technology,” said Lieblein. “The 9,000 square-foot building was in bad shape, but I saw that the bones were there. We did a ton of work to the building to modernize it, and it was worth it to see that a building that has been part of Port Washington for over 50 years is now renovated and ready for the next 50.” Innovative Technology has 45 employees, 18 of which are based out of its Port Washington headquarters. They also have an office in Hong Kong. All of Innovative Technology’s products are sold in North America and Canada.

Innovative Technology grew by 30 percent in 2014 due in large part to the success of its nostalgia product line. “People are always looking for those warm memories from the past and the nostalgia products remind them of that,” said Lieblein. “We use beautiful wood and the products are high tech.”

Another top product line for Innovative Technology is the Justin portable power products. “I had an epiphany three years ago while walking a trade show in Hong Kong,” said Lieblein. “Strangely enough, there was a booth selling automotive jump-start kits only two booths from the factory that produces my tablet cases with built-in Bluetooth keyboards. I saw an opportunity and we built a tablet case with a built-in rechargeable battery. That led to the holy grail of products, a collection of portable chargers for smartphones. This product has universal appeal across all age groups. Who hasn’t seen people sitting by outlets in airports charging their phones? Everyone who uses a smartphone or tablet has a need for portable power,” said Lieblein. The product line, Justin, is named after Lieblein’s son. “It’s a take on my son’s name and ‘just in case’ you run out of power,” said Lieblein. “Last year we sold 1.2 million. This year we are targeted to sell 3 million.”

Lieblein started the business 14 years ago with one customer and one product, a DVD player. He recognized that as a lucky break. “I was able to turn it into a business by building on that first sale,” said Lieblein. “Since then, I’ve flown two million miles, gotten a lot of gray hair, and poured gallons of blood, sweat and tears into the business. And 14 years later, Innovative Technology’s growth has been fantastic.”