“Hope Through the Eyes of an Immigrant”


Throughout the month of July, the Port Washington Public Library presents their exhibit “Hope Through the Eyes of an Immigrant.” The essays included in the exhibit were written by the library’s English For Speakers of Other Languages students. Students of all levels were instructed to write about their hopes after moving to a new country. The exhibition aims to allow the library’s patrons to learn about the diversity of their town and read their peers’ narratives.

My name is Nicolas. I was born in Chile I arrived and live in Port Washington three months ago. I’m living with my aunt and cousin. I miss my family in Chile.
Now English class for learn speak and understand. My dream is to always have my family happy.

Maria from Colombia.
I came to Port Washington because I want learn English and my uncle and my aunt gave me the trip.
I dream better life for my family and me.
I dream better with my work.
I dream to get better my English.
I Fernol come from Haiti to make that dream each day I work hard.
I’m learning English in Port Washington Library
My new dream is back to visit my family.

Boyeon comes from South Korea.
Boyeon came to Port Washington because made the dream come true.
Each day Boyeon learned English.
Boyeon’s new dream is fluent English to get a job. Better English.

—Submitted by the ESOL Coordinator at the Port Washington Public Library


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