Hip For The Holidays

The accordion star scarf ($65) from Entrée Boutique brightens up any dark winter look and is perfect to be given as a gift. More colors are available in store.

The holiday season is filled with parties and gift giving, so it’s the perfect time to pick up new clothing for special occasions or to give as gifts. Local Port boutiques and stores offer residents the chance to either rent a cocktail dress for an office holiday party or buy the college student in your life a customized jean jacket with their school’s name on it.

Entrée Boutique

For winter wear or holiday gifts, head down to Entrée Boutique where you can be dressed from head to toe in cozy winter attire from scares to fingerless gloves, which give warmth and allow one to still utilize their phone. Grab a sweater, cardigan or maybe a tassel studded wristlet for the fashionista in your life. Entrée Boutique also offers gift items like small perfumes, jewelry, lotions and winter hats.

Entrée Boutique is located at 9-11 Main St, Port Washington.

Charlotte’s Closet

Instead of buying an expensive dress to wear to a holiday party or New Year’s Eve extravaganza, teens can run to Charlotte’s Closet to borrow designer dresses and clothing for up to 75 percent off retail. With Charlotte’s Closet’s new Endless membership service, teens can choose from three monthly plans including one, two or three pieces, curate their own look for a variety of parties throughout the holiday season and wear the selections for a month. Plans range from $49.99 to $99.95, so instead of purchasing one holiday dress to wear to multiple parties, residents can get three different pieces to wear for separate

Charlotte’s Closet is located at 14 Vanderventer Ave. Suite L5, Port Washington or visit www.charlottes-closet.com.

Date Night Outfit

Date Night Outfit (DNO) is the perfect stop for clothing gifts, offering customizable clothing perfect for college students who want their school’s name on a jean jacket, cozy sweaters and more. Most gifts found at DNO are less than $100. If you want to give more than just clothes, DNO offers small holiday gifts as well, including salt crystal candles that promote relaxation for $20, selfie cases for $25 and handmade travel bags for $30.

Date Night Outfit is located at 475 Port Washington Blvd., Port Washington.


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